Route 181
Buffington Rd./South Fulton P/R

Route 181 Operates from East Point station to South Fulton Park & Ride. Serves City of Fairburn on Weekdays and Saturdays along Main Street, Roosevelt Hwy., Buffington Road, Jonesboro Road, Beverly Engram Pkwy., and W. Broad Street in City of Fairburn. Points of Interest include: GA Convention Center and Fairburn City Hall.

Intersecting Rail Stations:

Route Schedules

Weekday Schedule
Smith & BroadB.Engram PkwyJonesboro Rd. & S. PkSouth Fulton Park & RideBuffington & Buffington Cntr.East Point Station
05:02 am05:05 am05:11 am05:17 am05:29 am05:43 am
05:42 am05:45 am05:51 am05:57 am06:09 am06:25 am
06:22 am06:25 am06:32 am06:40 am06:55 am07:11 am
07:02 am07:05 am07:12 am07:20 am07:35 am07:51 am
07:42 am07:45 am07:52 am08:00 am08:15 am08:31 am
08:22 am08:25 am08:32 am08:40 am08:55 am09:11 am
09:02 am09:05 am09:12 am09:19 am09:32 am09:48 am
09:42 am09:45 am09:52 am09:59 am10:12 am10:28 am
10:22 am10:25 am10:32 am10:39 am10:52 am11:08 am
11:02 am11:05 am11:12 am11:19 am11:32 am11:48 am
11:42 am11:45 am11:52 am11:59 am12:12 pm12:28 pm
12:22 pm12:25 pm12:32 pm12:39 pm12:52 pm01:08 pm
01:02 pm01:05 pm01:12 pm01:19 pm01:32 pm01:48 pm
01:42 pm01:45 pm01:52 pm01:59 pm02:12 pm02:28 pm
02:22 pm02:25 pm02:32 pm02:39 pm02:52 pm03:08 pm
03:02 pm03:05 pm03:12 pm03:21 pm03:36 pm03:52 pm
03:42 pm03:45 pm03:52 pm04:01 pm04:16 pm04:32 pm
04:22 pm04:25 pm04:32 pm04:41 pm04:56 pm05:12 pm
05:02 pm05:05 pm05:12 pm05:21 pm05:36 pm05:52 pm
05:42 pm05:45 pm05:52 pm06:01 pm06:13 pm06:27 pm
06:22 pm06:24 pm06:30 pm06:38 pm06:50 pm07:04 pm
07:02 pm07:04 pm07:10 pm07:18 pm07:30 pm07:44 pm
07:42 pm07:44 pm07:50 pm07:58 pm08:10 pm08:24 pm
08:22 pm08:24 pm08:30 pm08:38 pm08:50 pm09:04 pm
09:02 pm09:04 pm09:10 pm09:18 pm09:30 pm09:44 pm
09:42 pm09:44 pm09:50 pm09:58 pm10:10 pm10:24 pm
10:22 pm10:24 pm10:30 pm10:38 pm10:50 pm11:04 pm
11:02 pm11:04 pm11:10 pm11:18 pm11:30 pm11:44 pm
11:56 pm11:58 pm12:04 am12:12 am12:24 am12:38 am
East Point StationBuffington & Buffington Cntr.South Fulton Park & RideJonesboro Rd. & S. PkB.Engram PkwySmith & Broad
06:07 am06:22 am06:37 am06:44 am06:48 am06:56 am
06:46 am07:01 am07:16 am07:23 am07:27 am07:35 am
07:26 am07:41 am07:56 am08:03 am08:07 am08:15 am
08:06 am08:21 am08:36 am08:43 am08:47 am08:55 am
08:46 am09:01 am09:14 am09:21 am09:25 am09:33 am
09:26 am09:40 am09:53 am10:00 am10:04 am10:12 am
10:06 am10:20 am10:32 am10:39 am10:43 am10:51 am
10:46 am11:00 am11:12 am11:19 am11:23 am11:31 am
11:26 am11:40 am11:52 am11:59 am12:03 pm12:11 pm
12:06 pm12:20 pm12:32 pm12:39 pm12:43 pm12:51 pm
12:46 pm01:00 pm01:12 pm01:19 pm01:23 pm01:31 pm
01:26 pm01:40 pm01:52 pm01:59 pm02:03 pm02:11 pm
02:06 pm02:20 pm02:32 pm02:39 pm02:43 pm02:51 pm
02:46 pm03:00 pm03:14 pm03:22 pm03:26 pm03:34 pm
03:26 pm03:42 pm03:56 pm04:04 pm04:08 pm04:16 pm
04:06 pm04:22 pm04:36 pm04:44 pm04:48 pm04:56 pm
04:46 pm05:02 pm05:16 pm05:24 pm05:28 pm05:36 pm
05:26 pm05:42 pm05:56 pm06:04 pm06:08 pm06:15 pm
06:06 pm06:20 pm06:32 pm06:38 pm06:42 pm06:49 pm
06:47 pm07:01 pm07:13 pm07:19 pm07:23 pm07:30 pm
07:27 pm07:41 pm07:53 pm07:59 pm08:03 pm08:10 pm
08:07 pm08:21 pm08:33 pm08:39 pm08:43 pm08:50 pm
08:47 pm09:01 pm09:13 pm09:19 pm09:23 pm09:30 pm
09:27 pm09:41 pm09:53 pm09:59 pm10:03 pm10:10 pm
10:07 pm10:21 pm10:33 pm10:39 pm10:43 pm10:50 pm
10:47 pm11:01 pm11:13 pm11:19 pm11:23 pm11:30 pm
11:27 pm11:41 pm11:53 pm11:59 pm12:03 am12:10 am
11:47 pm12:01 am12:13 am12:19 am12:23 am12:30 am