Route 99
North Ave/Boulevard

Route 99 Operates between North Avenue, King Memorial, and GA State stations along Ponce De Leon Avenue, North Avenue, Boulevard, Auburn Avenue, Jackson Street and Decatur Street to King Memorial then continues along Bell Street, and Jesse Hill Jr. Drive. Points of Interest include: Grady Health System, Hughes Spalding Children's Hospital, Wellstar Atlanta Medical Center.

Intersecting Rail Stations:

Route Schedules

Weekday Schedule
North Ave StationBoulevard-McGillKing Memorial StationGeorgia State Station
05:56 am06:06 am06:15 am06:25 am
06:36 am06:46 am06:55 am07:05 am
07:16 am07:26 am07:35 am07:45 am
07:56 am08:06 am08:15 am08:25 am
08:36 am08:46 am08:55 am09:05 am
09:16 am09:26 am09:35 am09:45 am
09:56 am10:06 am10:15 am10:25 am
10:36 am10:46 am10:55 am11:05 am
11:16 am11:26 am11:35 am11:45 am
11:56 am12:06 pm12:15 pm12:25 pm
12:36 pm12:46 pm12:55 pm01:05 pm
01:16 pm01:26 pm01:35 pm01:45 pm
01:56 pm02:06 pm02:15 pm02:25 pm
02:36 pm02:46 pm02:55 pm03:05 pm
03:16 pm03:26 pm03:35 pm03:45 pm
03:56 pm04:06 pm04:15 pm04:25 pm
04:36 pm04:46 pm04:55 pm05:05 pm
05:16 pm05:26 pm05:35 pm05:45 pm
05:56 pm06:06 pm06:15 pm06:25 pm
06:36 pm06:46 pm06:55 pm07:05 pm
07:16 pm07:26 pm07:35 pm07:45 pm
07:56 pm08:06 pm08:15 pm08:25 pm
08:36 pm08:46 pm08:55 pm09:05 pm
09:16 pm09:26 pm09:35 pm09:45 pm
09:56 pm10:06 pm10:15 pm10:25 pm
10:36 pm10:46 pm10:55 pm11:05 pm
Georgia State StationKing Memorial StationBoulevard-McGillNorth Ave Station
06:01 am06:12 am06:20 am06:30 am
06:41 am06:52 am07:00 am07:10 am
07:21 am07:32 am07:40 am07:50 am
08:01 am08:12 am08:20 am08:30 am
08:41 am08:52 am09:00 am09:10 am
09:21 am09:32 am09:40 am09:50 am
10:01 am10:12 am10:20 am10:30 am
10:41 am10:52 am11:00 am11:10 am
11:21 am11:32 am11:40 am11:50 am
12:01 pm12:12 pm12:20 pm12:30 pm
12:41 pm12:52 pm01:00 pm01:10 pm
01:21 pm01:32 pm01:40 pm01:50 pm
02:01 pm02:12 pm02:20 pm02:30 pm
02:41 pm02:52 pm03:00 pm03:10 pm
03:21 pm03:32 pm03:40 pm03:50 pm
04:01 pm04:12 pm04:20 pm04:30 pm
04:41 pm04:52 pm05:00 pm05:10 pm
05:21 pm05:32 pm05:40 pm05:50 pm
06:01 pm06:12 pm06:20 pm06:30 pm
06:41 pm06:52 pm07:00 pm07:10 pm
07:21 pm07:32 pm07:40 pm07:50 pm
08:01 pm08:12 pm08:20 pm08:30 pm
08:41 pm08:52 pm09:00 pm09:10 pm
09:21 pm09:32 pm09:40 pm09:50 pm
10:01 pm10:12 pm10:20 pm10:30 pm
10:41 pm10:52 pm11:00 pm11:10 pm